De Olu’s Exclusive Lotion – 500ml

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The glutathione factor is specially added to brighten the skin from the inside out. The whitening molecule niacinamide accelerates skin metabolism, and arbutin improves dull skin and brightens layer by layer.



Key Ingredients

Glutathione, nicotinamide, Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin


After bathing, dry the body, apply the product to the body, gently massage and pat clockwise until absorbed.


NOTE: Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

2 reviews for De Olu’s Exclusive Lotion – 500ml

  1. Omi

    Loved the lotion! It’s light and very well absorbed into the skin. Leaves a smooth look that is not shiny. My smooth skin is happy!

  2. Anonymous

    Your blog consistently captivates me throughout. I simply can’t reading before absorbing every single word you write.

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